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2024 Conference Presenters

Danika Bloom

Danika Bloom is a USA Today bestselling romance author who started her career life delivering communications workshops to not-for-profits and mentoring small business owners for a credit union in British Columbia, Canada.

Keynote & Breakout Sessions

Keynote: Trusting Yourself
and Writing Your Own Author Success Story
Breakout Session: How to Bootstrap a Book Launch

Dr. Alyncia Bowen

Dr. Alyncia Bowen, Dean of the Ross College of Business at Franklin University, Executive Director of the Franklin University Leadership Center, and Co-Executive Director of the Global Center for Healthcare Education, provides innovative curriculum for both domestic and international students. This includes creating a curriculum that fosters learning and utilization of Artificial Intelligence

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: AI and Writing: the Pros, Cons, & Concerns

Jason Moore

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence that began filling news cycles in the fall of 2022, once again prompted Jason to dig deep and create cutting edge trainings on the why, how and what of A.I. in the church. He has been a featured speaker at multiple conferences on AI and the Church, including the groundbreaking AI Discovery Expo as well as the Church Innovation Summit and Church Communicator Conference (each time speaking about and demonstrating practical uses of generative AI). His forthcoming book on the topic will release in mid 2024.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: AI and Writing: the Pros, Cons, & Concerns

Jacqui Lipton

Jacqui Lipton is a publishing attorney, literary agent and law professor who specializes in the law and business of publishing. She is the author of Law and Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers (UC Press, 2020). More information about Jacqui is available on her website:

Breakout Session & Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: AI and Writing: the Pros, Cons, & Concerns
Breakout Session: Copyright, Contracts and Defamation (Oh My!): A Primer on the Law for Authors



Victoria Selvaggio

For Victoria Selvaggio, books have always played an important role in her life. From an early age, she could easily be found reading in a corner with stacks of books or the opposite, crafting her own. In her early teens, anything written by Stephen King became a must read––the thickness of those books was not intimidating. Those perfect words linked together to create such thought-provoking scenes. She was hooked! So hooked that she began writing constantly. Though, to the dismay of her high school college writing course teacher, Victoria did not pursue writing in college. She also did not pursue her vocation of becoming a CPA, even with the high recommendations (and grades) of her teachers, parents, and peers. Instead, upon graduation Victoria obtained her Real Estate License and after matching her very first homebuyer with the very first house she toured with him (that she selected out of hundreds), she quickly realized she could sell. This empowered her. She changed the trajectory of her path by combining all of her passions and skills and started her own business at the age of twenty. Within the first year of operation, she had expanded from having no employees to ten.

Breakout Session

Learn from a Literary Agent

Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Andrew Welsh-Huggins is the Shamus, Derringer, and International Thriller Writers-award-nominated author of the Andy Hayes Private Eye series and editor of Columbus Noir.

Breakout Session

Now the real work begins: tips on editing and revising your manuscript.

Brad Pauquette

Brad has worked in the publishing industry since 2009. He is the editor of many books and anthologies and a published author. As a publishing consultant and developmental editor, Brad has coached award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors to produce exceptional books and reach new audiences.

Breakout Session

Three Paths to Publishing

Danielle D. Smith

Danielle D. Smith is an award-winning writer and film-maker. In July 2019, Danielle turned her book into a short film that gives a visual account of her book and walks you through the challenge of going from victim to victor. As a result of the award-winning film, Danielle has been sought out by conferences and organizations across the map to teach authors how to do the same with their literary projects. In addition, Danielle is a passionate speaker that brings people together through shared experiences, taking away the struggle of beginning the healing process alone.

Breakout Session

From Book to Film

Nita Sweeney

Nita Sweeney is the bestselling wellness author of Depression Hates a Moving Target, You Should Be Writing, and Make Every Move a Meditation. UltraMarathoner. Meditator. Mindfulness coach. Writing practice zealot. Mental health advocate. Dog mom. Retired attorney. Retired publisher of Write Now Columbus. Her next book, A Daily Dose of Now, will be released in September.

Breakout Session

Unlocking Your Memories

Angus Freathy

Angus Freathy is the only member of OAN without an accent 😊. His measured British delivery has been featured in over 60 audiobooks, of various genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Angus most enjoys narrating historical fiction and short stories. But his talents don’t end there. Angus is also fluent in French and has several ‘learn French’ audiobooks on offer.
Retired after an international career with a multi-national food company, Angus is enjoying a relaxed ‘second career’ bringing authors’ words to life.

Breakout Session

Creating an Audiobook

Becky White

Becky White, one of the founding members of Ohio Audiobook Narrators, has a "Lauren Bacall" voice that is warm and believable. Becky has narrated audio books for Dreamscape Media, University Press Audiobooks, Morgan James Publications, and many independent authors. She has also produced audio books for authors who narrated their own work. For a complete list of her productions, go to her website at In her spare time, Becky likes to garden and to listen to her husband, Dave, play jazz.

Breakout Session

Creating an Audiobook

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