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Angus Freathy


Breakout Session

Creating an Audiobook

Angus Freathy is the only member of OAN without an accent 😊. His measured British delivery has been featured in over 60 audiobooks, of various genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Angus most enjoys narrating historical fiction and short stories. But his talents don’t end there. Angus is also fluent in French and has several ‘learn French’ audiobooks on offer. Retired after an international career with a multi-national food company, Angus is enjoying a relaxed ‘second career’ bringing authors’ words to life. For more information about Angus and his audiobook offerings, click on

Breakout Session

Ohio Audiobook Narrators co-founders Becky White and Angus Freathy will present the workshop “Creating an Audiobook”. Topics covered will include:

  • How to maximize your royalties using audiobooks,

  • What you need to know about audiobook production as an author,

  • What you need to know about narration: hiring a professional narrator vs DYI vs AI

About OAN Blurb

While there are many voice actors in Ohio, there were few resources for those who wished to concentrate on producing audiobooks. OAN was initially established to provide education & networking opportunities for Ohio-based narrators and they added to their ranks. They began networking with authors and developed connections with Ohio Writers' Association. This led to OAN's involvement in producing three of OWA's recent anthologies, "Outcasts: An Anthology", "Metamorphosis: An Anthology" and just recently "House of Secrets: Every Room Holds a Story". "Outcasts" recently received a Silver Award from The 2023 HearNow Palooza. Because there is so much interest among the general public, OAN also does speaking engagements at local libraries on the business & art of audiobook production geared toward listeners.

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