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Victoria Selvaggio


Breakout Session

Learn from a Literary Agent

For Victoria Selvaggio, books have always played an important role in her life. From an early age, she could easily be found reading in a corner with stacks of books or the opposite, crafting her own. In her early teens, anything written by Stephen King became a must read––the thickness of those books was not intimidating. Those perfect words linked together to create such thought-provoking scenes. She was hooked! So hooked that she began writing constantly. Though, to the dismay of her high school college writing course teacher, Victoria did not pursue writing in college. She also did not pursue her vocation of becoming a CPA, even with the high recommendations (and grades) of her teachers, parents, and peers. Instead, upon graduation Victoria obtained her Real Estate License and after matching her very first homebuyer with the very first house she toured with him (that she selected out of hundreds), she quickly realized she could sell. This empowered her. She changed the trajectory of her path by combining all of her passions and skills and started her own business at the age of twenty. Within the first year of operation, she had expanded from having no employees to ten. Running a successful business never replaced her love for reading and writing, which she shared consistently with her children. Curling up with them to read and enjoying all of those classics again, through their emotions compelled Victoria to revisit writing. Becoming traditionally published, though, was not something that she knew much about and after self-publishing two books, Victoria was introduced to SCBWI (The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). Once again, she was hooked! There was so much to learn about the publishing industry–– and learn she did! From query letters to submissions (with snail mail!). Like all passions, Victoria immersed herself in all things publishing. She participated in any and all writer-related events and volunteered for her local SCBWI chapter and within time, became the Regional Advisor for SCBWI: Northern Ohio––a role that she was honored to master for many years. A role that also empowered her and provided a new path. Becoming a literary agent. After interning for The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, she joined the agency in 2013 as an associate agent. Within six months of agenting, she had sales under her belt and a growing list of very talented clients. Additionally, she accepted numerous invitations to present at conferences and events––thrilled to have the opportunity to meet like-minded creatives, while also building her reputation in the industry. Grateful for her earlier agenting days, Victoria missed the behind-the-scenes business side. The running of the business. In 2018, she joined Storm Literary Agency as a co-owner where she devoted her time to building the agency from within with talented agents and a supporting staff. With over thirty years of business-ownership and publishing experience, Victoria became the owner of Storm Literary Agency in 2022. Her list features both debut and award-winning authors. She represents all age categories and all genres except Erotica Romance. Currently, she is closed to submissions but does plan to open for a limited time in 2024 (Victoria does accept and opens for submissions as a presenter at conferences). Her favorite authors include: Stephen King, Judy Blume, Shel Silverstein, Lois Lowry, Margaret Atwood, E. B. White, C. S. Lewis, Suzanne Collins, and so many more. In her spare time, Victoria can be found on a sixteen-foot ladder painting or knocking down a wall in one of her remodeling/flipping home projects. Victoria is a member of the Association of Author’s Representatives, Inc.

Breakout Session

Learn From A Literary Agent - In this session, participants will learn about the literary agent's role; some helpful resources on how to research literary agencies; tips on how to prepare and submit manuscripts and/or proposals; an overview of expectations and rejections; suggestions on how to handle an offer of representation; advise on a successful author-agent (or illustrator-, author/illustrator-) relationship; Q & A, if time allows.

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