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And We're Live!

We are excited to launch the new Ohio Writer's Association website. We hope you will join today. Join us at 7pm tonight (April 25th) for our Facebook LIVE event to celebrate and learn more.

Subscribing through the new site allows you to:*

  • Connect with a diverse group of Ohio Writers through personalized membership profiles and access to our complete membership list.

  • Access peer critique workshops and get personalized feedback. With our new File Share page, it’s easier to submit and download workshop and peer review submissions.

  • Upload documents to our forum for online feedback.

  • Create your own writer's group—whether you're working on a project with friends or hosting your own NaNoWriMo group.

  • Chat with members or groups live.

  • Get included in our writer directory or have your recent publication mentioned in our e-newsletter.

*Please Note: different plans give you access to different benefits.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ below.


Why launch a new site?

The current one is not only outdated, but is built using a platform few people know how to edit. We felt that with a new season, a new site with new capabilities made a lot of sense.

Will I need to create a new profile, or can I log in with my current username and password?

You will need to create a new profile. Because we are moving to a completely new platform, we decided that the most secure way forward would be to ask all users to create new profiles with a new password. It’s not as bad as it seems. With this new site, creating a profile can be fun and allows you to share more about yourself while offering features that will help you connect with peers. 65% of people who completed our survey said that one of the things they wanted in a writer community was motivation and support. We’ve heard you! With the new site, you can add photos, link to your personal writer website, add an “about” section, and more. This will make it easier to connect with other writers and find peer support.

Will my current paid subscription transfer?

No. We are canceling all current subscriptions and asking you to sign up for a new account. This was a risky and difficult decision for our steering committee. Our website, mailer list, workshops and publications are all made possible by membership fees. To cancel all current subscriptions and ask members to sign up for new accounts will likely result in a loss of funds this year for OWA. Yet, we also know that some members have been paying for subscriptions that they don't really want. We struggled with what to do, and agreed this was the most equitable way forward. In this new site, you will have complete control over your paid subscription within the site itself and will be able to cancel at any time. We are committed to creating a community that has value and believe our new payment plans and benefits will be worth every cent of your annual membership fees. You’re going to want to sign up!

I’ve already paid this year for a subscription, will I need to pay again?

To make up for the fact that some have already paid for their subscription this year, we are offering a 6 month free trial to every person who signs up for any of our plans in the next two weeks. That’s right, if you sign up in the next two weeks, you will get 6 months of the membership for all our plans for free.* You will still need to input your credit card information, but you won’t be charged until the free trial is up. Plus, you can cancel at any time. While this isn’t a perfect solution, we felt it was the easiest and most generous way for us to transition between sites. But remember: if you don’t create a new account in the next two weeks, you will not have access to the six months free trial.

*Please note: Some benefits, like being included in e-newsletters for patron members, will only be available after the free trial.

I’m not happy with this arrangement. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! Reach out to us and we will try and make it right. But please remember, that all fees go towards the work we do and that OWA is now operating as a non-profit. Also, all members of our steering committee are volunteers with limited time. We want to make it right, but please be patient with us.

I love where OWA is headed. How can I support it?

We’d love your help as a volunteer or you can make a donation. We are currently applying for tax-exempt status, but haven’t received that designation from the IRS yet. But you can still donate if you want to. You can donate here.

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