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2023 Anthology Selections Announced

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The Ohio Writers' Association has selected the stories for our 2023 anthology, House of Secrets: Every Room Holds a Story.

Seventy-five writers submitted ninety stories for consideration in both fiction and non-fiction genres. Our panel of twelve judges evaluated each entry. From these, 27 stories were selected to appear in the anthology.

The selected stories are (alphabetically by title):

A Story You Have to Be Sober to Tell (Chase Montana)

A Thousand Words Denied (Jerry Vandal)

Art House (Marty Vian)

Being Normal (Steven Smith)

Blind Luck (Brian Carney)

Catacombs (Bill Vernon)

Fates Entwined (Jerry Roth)

Fifteen Minutes (Robbi Bryant)

Finder's Fee (Michael Whitfield)

Home (Timothy Doyle)

In Memoriam (Jim Hodnett)

Just a Touch (Lois Spencer)

Last of My Kind (Maureen McGuirk)

Leakproof (Charles O'Donnell)

Reaper's Return (Christina Moore)

Redemption (Darin Miller)

Salted Away (Craig Webb)

Secret Blood, Sacred Blood (Jyotsna Sreenivasan)

Secret o' Life (Ed Davis)

Such Secrets as Starfish Keep (Steve Kaczmarek)

The Dancing Queen (Edward Gosnell)

The Distance Between Us (Terri Sutton)

The Evil Twin (George Pallas)

Throwing Stones (Stephen Kraynak)

Vacant (Corrina Malek)

Who Wants Pie? (Sandy Kachurek)

Your Other Life (Peter Gorman)

Congratulations to the writers of the selected stories.


This Anthology is made possible in part from a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

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1 Comment

Joe Graves
Joe Graves
Jul 17, 2023

Congrats! This anthology is going to be epic.

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