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While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection

While You Were Out, complete with fifteen witty, insightful, compelling, sometimes serious tales, presents the work of some of Columbus, Ohio's most talented writers.

While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection

April 25, 2012




Columbus Creative Cooperative

These engaging, inspiring short stories of resurrection will revive your spirit of imagination.

You won't find any zombies or vampires in the pages of this book. From adventure to romance, comedy to science fiction, and every genre in between, inside you'll find fictional and non-fictional stories of people, animals, relationships, and even a car, that die and are resurrected.

This anthology includes short stories written by Deborah Cottle, Doug Devor, Ramona Douglas, Peg Hanna, Tina Higgins, Brenda Layman, Jenny Maxey, Catherine Maynard, Bradley Nelson, Ben Orlando, Barbara Perrin, Wayne Rapp, Birney Reed, Nate Roderick and Cynthia Rosi.

Contributing Authors

Robbi Bryant

Ed Davis

Timothy Doyle

Peter Gorman

Edward Gosnell

Jim Hodnett

Sandy Kachurek

Steve Kaczmarek

Corrina Malek

Maureen McGuirk

Darin Miller

Chase Montana

Christina Moore

Charles O'Donnell

George Pallas

Jerry Roth

Steven Kenneth Smith

Lois Spencer

Jyotsna Sreenivasan

Terri Sutton

Jerry Vandal

Bill Vernon

Marty Vian

Craig Webb

Michael Whitfield

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