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House of Secrets

Every Room Holds a Story

House of Secrets

November 1, 2023


Ohio Writers Group


Ohio Writes Association

Secrets. They are an integral part of the human experience. They are hidden compartments within each of us where we store our deepest hopes, fears, desires, and vulnerabilities. Secrets also give us a measure of control, allowing us to decide what we reveal to the world and what we reserve for ourselves.

If keeping secrets is integral to the human soul, so is the desire to uncover the secrets of others. Our often insatiable curiosity leads us to uncover buried truths, to unravel the mysteries others try to keep to themselves.

The delicate balance between preserving, revealing, and discovering secrets is part of our humanity. From these related but conflicting impulses, we develop trust and discretion and learn to cherish the power of knowledge.

House of Secrets is a collection of twenty-six short stories related in some manner to guarding or uncovering secrets, written by emerging writers who have significant connections to the State of Ohio. You are sure to find enjoyment within these pages.

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