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Columbus: Past, Present and Future

Columbus: Past, Present and Future features twenty-three short stories of Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus: Past, Present and Future

September 13, 2012




Columbus Creative Cooperative

Each story is set in Columbus, Ohio between the city’s founding 200 years ago, and 2212, a date 200 years in our future. These captivating, enlightening stories, each of which was written by a different Central Ohio author, will entertain readers of all types.

With a foreword by Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Columbus presents twenty-three entertaining, unique stories written by Central Ohio’s most talented writers, as well as art from the region’s brightest visual artists.

Columbus includes stories written by Robert Alexander,Deborah Cheever Cottle, Amy S. Dalrymple, Stephen C. David, C.J. Edwards, Drew Farnsworth, Jay Fulmer, Heidi Durig Heiby, Brenda Layman, Jenny L. Maxey, Kim McCann, Casey McCarty, Todd Metcalf, Leslie Munnely, S. Michael Nash, Bradley Nelson, Ben Orlando, Brad Pauquette, Birney Reed, Janet Slike, Christopher Sunami, Chad Wellinger and Kim Charles Younkin.

Columbus also includes illustrations from fifteen Columbus artists, including Paul Binder, Scott Chaffin, Nick Coplen, Adrianne DeVille, Cortney DeWalt, Debra Fitch, Dorian Lefferre, Kevin McGinn, Jeff Ockerse, Doug Oldham, Melissa Pauquette, Hannah Ploechl, H.L. Sampson, Don Slobodien and Kelly Zalenski.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every book will be gifted to the Columbus Historical Society, which strives to preserve and protect the history of Central Ohio.

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