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2024 Anthology Submission

The Ohio Writers' Association is accepting submissions for our 2024 anthology, Should This Book be Banned? We are collecting fiction, creative nonfiction and a limited amount of poetry dealing with potentially bannable subject matter, perspectives, ideas, and themes. Our submission window runs from July 1, 2024, to July 31, 2024. The fee to submit a piece for consideration is only $5, but Ohio Writers’ Association members (Supporting level and above) may submit one piece for consideration at no charge here. We are looking for pieces up to 7,000 words. If you would like more information about this anthology, please email us at

Find the submission form below. 

Submission Guidelines* 

For a complete list of submission guidelines, click here.


Here are a few of the highlights

  • Please submit as a Microsoft Word or RTF document (.rtf, .doc, .docx)

  • 7,000 word max

  • Blind submission: do not put any identifying information in the submitted document. The submission form on the OWA website will capture the contact information we need.

  • Use double spacing and 12-point Times New Roman

  • Number each page

  • Fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry

  • Authors of selected pieces will be paid $15, given a complimentary copy of the anthology, and an equal share of 60% of the royalties, right from the start (including pre-sales) through the first year of sales.

  • You may submit up to 3 pieces at $5 per piece. Members with Supporting, Writer, and Patron Subscriptions can submit one piece for free. 

  • Open to anyone with a connection to Ohio—born here, lives or lived here, worked in Ohio, or attended school or other significant events in Ohio. 

  • We claim first-world electronic rights (text and audio), first print rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights. If you are unfamiliar with the term “First Rights,” an explanation can be found here:

  • Your piece must be original; we do not accept previously published material.

  • Any questions? Contact us at

​*Subject to change at any time at the discretion of our Board of Directors

All other submissions below. 

Before you do, check out our memberships. Starting at $10/yr, a membership subscription gives you access to the free submission form.  Plus, all of our plans offer a free trial which you can cancel at any time without any impact on your submission. 

Are you a paying member? You get one submission free here.

2023 Anthology Submission & Payment Form
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Each submission is $5. Paying members get one submission free, here. You must complete this form for each submission. 

Thanks for submitting!
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